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tv   Viewpoint  Current  February 11, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> cenk: we'll see you later tonight for a whole other "the young turks" on the young "viewpoint" is next. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> john: pope benedict xvi is abdicateing the papacy. they have apparently decided there is no god.
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karl rove is an arrogant right winger who wants to privatize social security, cut taxes for the rich and never admit he's wrong. why does the tea party hate him? you think these people could put aside their differences, work together and get rid of the fighting and combine and join forces to ruin the country and make things better for rich people. finally tomorrow night is president obama's state of the union address. everyone is wondering what he's going to proposed proposed propose. today is the 79th birthday of tina louise known as ginger from bill"gilligan's island"," and the great r & b singer d'angelo, and sarah palin with the greatest abdication of all time. this is "viewpoint."
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> john: good evening, i'm john fugelsang. coming up, equality delayed but not completely denied. we report a major headline last announced by town criers 600 years ago and the paterno family tries to smudge the line linking it's late patriarch to the late state sex scandal. but first president obama will deliver the first state of the union dress for his second term tomorrow might night. the president will emphasize three economic points, one is turning the nation into a magnet for jobs and manufacturing. providing the americans with the skills they need for jobs in a new economy, and ensuring that people can make a decent living from their hard work.
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"the times" said that the republicans should prepare for a confrontational mr. obama to challenge them where polls show majorities back his positions on immigration, tougher background checks on gun buyers, marriage equality and tax increases on the wealthy. but with less than a month to go before 2 trillion-dollar in cuts mandated by sequester to take effect house majority leader eric cantor told nbc sunday that tax increases is out of the question. >> every time you turn around the answer is to raise taxes. he just got his tax hike, and you can't turn around and raise taxes. >> john: given that a deal without taxes could push america back in recession democratic senator dick durbin want them to do what they did the last time. >> what the president is proposing for the rest of this
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year is that we deal with the sequester the way we have the first two months evenly split between revenues and cuts. that's a sensible approach and it does not pose to be a burden on middle class families. >> john: for more on the g.o.p. stone wall on revenue i'm pleased to be joined by robert reich. welcome back to the show. if you were advising the president, what word would you advice him. >> one word he ought to use is jobs, jobs jobs. it's the word he has used, and he ought to be using it more. it's one issue on people's minds. the unemployment level is coming down, and even though jobs look better than what they were, it is still a verye very anemic recovery.
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people are worried about their jobs. inflation adjustment, and we have a huge unemployed who are unemployed for more than six months. and finally the ratio of the adult population that is working relative to the adult population that is not working is the highest it's been over 30 years. jobs is the issue. i think the president ought to pivot around the economy, around jobs, around wages and everything else ought to fit into that overarching theme. >> john: if you were him would you mention the jobs bill that was killed in the house even though it was 60% tax cuts? >> i would. batter them over the head. things would have gone much better if the republicans had gone along with him. i would call for an increase in the minimum wage. 85% of americans on the last poll said they wanted an
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increase. it's justified. if the minute wage had kept up with what it was ten years ago adjusted for inflation, it would be over $9 right now. i think that the president can call for--actually warn the public about the see questions see questions sequester and cause the economy to slow down substantially. >> john: indeed, the kind of cuts that the public has not outlined for itself when the sequester takes effect. the speech is focused on the middle class. what do you think of the economic points he's reportedly going to be laying out. what more would you like him do? >> the ironry here is there is not much that he can do. everything that he's talking about, bringing manufacturing back making wages better for working people, improving the skills that people have, all of that is going to require money.
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but what's called the domestic none portion of the budget is cenking. not about military, medicare, medicaid, it's down to the percentage gdp to a smaller percentage since the 1950s. that's where you get all your education, your job training, all your skill building, money from. i don't know what the president has in mind. framing the issue is very important. around jobs and the economy. but coming up with specific programs that the republicans will agree to seems to me almost impossible in this environment. >> john: he has the bully pulpit tomorrow in the brandest stage of his career. what would you do to encourage lawmakers to make public investment. can he brow beat them. >> he can certainly do what he
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has done since the election. that is really maintain an election posture. continue to go around the country, talking about the importance of jobs, of immigration of gun safety, of all of the issues that he thinks are very important for his second term. and by continuing the campaign, the successful campaign of 2012. the president is in a sense making is very difficult for republicans to maneuver. at the same time obviously there is a kind of a civil war going on in the republican party. that also makes it easier for the president because there is no spokesperson for the republican party to respond. >> john: it has been reported that we're going to see a more confrontational president tomorrow night. is it important for him to say what he's going to do for the economy if they allow the
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sequester to take affect. >> i don't believe the mall sequester small tax increase, small spending cut is the way to go. it's taking us in the wrong direction. when you have high unemployment and under utilized capacity the last thing that the government wants to do is raise taxes on the middle class or cut spending in any way because that's going to reduce demand. what you need right now because so many people are worried about their jobs and can't get loans what you need to do is you got to increase demand, not reduce demand. >> john: well, the g.o.p. senators are said to be preparing a confrontation of their own, a balanced budget to be released thursday that would cap spending of gdp and require the super majority to raise taxes and increase the debt limit. i don't want to think about what that would do to the economy if allowed to pass. what is the point of this posturing? are they stone walling more trying to do nothing in hopes
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that a stagnant economy would further hurt the democratic party? >> they're trying to do more than that. they're trying to make the public believe a big lie. that lie is that the reason the economic recovery is so slow, the reason why unemployment continues to be very high is the budget deficit. that lie is told over and over and over again by the republicans. it gets to their ideological goal which is shrinking the size of government, but it is not helping americans. >> john: mr. reich who was the last were president to balance of the budget? >> eisenhower. >> john: it was actually nixon. >> and bill clinton balanced the budget. that's an important reality. >> john: and it's great to talk to a man who was instrumental of that. robert reich author of "beyond outrage" and a man i hope runs for president so i can campaign
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for him, thank you sir, for your time tonight. >> good night. >> john: as i mentioned earlier in the program gone issues will play a strong role, and they are trying to pressure congress to listen to voters. gabby giffords had this to say in a new ad released by her political action committee. >> we have a problem. where we shop. where we pray. where our children go to school. but there are solutions. we can agree on even gun owners like us. take it from me. congress must act. let's get this done. >> john: and voters in some unlikely places agree it's time
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to get something done on guns. this is part of an ad that is aimed directly at kentucky senator and minority leader mitch mcconnell. >> the guns meant for war could be used on civilians and children. as a gun owner and veteran i support the plan to ban assault weapons and keep guns out of the wrong hands. senator mitch mc mcconnell is funded by the gun industry. he's opposed to the reforms. senator mcconnell who's side are you on? >> john: for more we bring on george zornick washington reporter for the nation. welcome back. >> thank you for having me. >> john: what is going on in kentucky? couldn't mitch mcconnell run on that ad and win in some districts. >> when you look at the polling it doesn't look terrific for mitch mcconnell. by a slight majority people favor a weapons ban and
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kentuckians favor a background check. when we look at the overall gun problem in the country even the stuff that is being pushed right now, the assault weapons ban and high capacity magazines this is low-bar stuff. good stuff but most people should be able to agree on. these numbers in kentucky show that there are a lot of people who just don't think--even if they own guns--they don't think it should make sense that folks should have what amounts to military weapons in their homes or out on the streets. >> john: sadly harry reid does not agree. vice president biden was in pennsylvania to push the president's gun control ban including that expanded background check and the end of the sale of large-capacity ammo
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clips. do you think it will go over in pennsylvania as well. >> in most states even conservatives once you'll see a split where gun violence is an every day problem and people are exposed to it and they have an issue with it. in the rural area even in a deep blue state like new york, in the rural areas where they don't see a lot of gun violence but they use their weapons for hunting you'll see them with a backdrop of officers wearing the uniform badges and they'll have scary guns on display and cher scary, showing people this is the law enforcement problem. we have a gun violence problem. police officers whether they be liberal or conservative don't want to see these weapons on the street. we need to solve it. that's playing from rural areas of kentucky to obviously to cities across the country. >> john: playing the responsible law enforcement card is a mighty powerful thing to do. but the president reportedly is going to do something bigger
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tomorrow night. packing the galleries for the save thestate of the union address. they're apparently countering by inviting ted nugent. who wins on that one. >> the president obviously does. i've seen scoffing from people on fox news, they think it's distasteful for the president to bring in victims of crime and hold them up on national tv to get a vote passed, but really in my opinion this is democracy at work. we do have a gun violence problem in this country. there are many people who want to change, including people whose families have been ripped apart by gun violence. they're showing up to congress to be heard seen and try to get something done. certainly versus ted nugent i would say that's the upper hand. >> john: as a comedian i'm a big fan of ted nugent. they would expand background
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checks but not much else. are the senators behind the voters on this issue? what will it take for the leaders to catch up with the people? >> they're choosing the juiciest target. 80% of the people favor background checks. people favor the assault weapons ban but by a lower margin. what the president is doing. he's pushing for everything, whipping up public support and giving congress a menu of things to choose from. unfortunately harry reid is picking only the background checks off the menu. i think he's worried that in general he has a conservative approach to these things. he's worried about some of his numbers in purple states who are up for a vote in 2014. if it's not going to pass the house anyway, that's a fair point, but why expose them to this vote. if someone votes against it, even if it doesn't pass, let's see in 2014 can they be made to pay by voting to keep military weapons on the streets. maybe they will. >> john: do you think senator
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harry reid will support it or kill it in the senate? >> he'll support it but that's it. >> john: george zornick for reporter for the nation. thank you. >> thank you. >> john: the world is in shock. that's next.
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stop looking at car interiors. get inspired by other stuff. yep. yep. ok. sure. why not? woah. touchscreens. put that in your dash. now, luxury stuff. make your seats like that. that thing has wifi, why doesn't your car? you can't do that. ignore that guy. give it wifi. yes! make it fit 5 people. no, 5 actual sized people. give them leg room, good. destroy boring car interiors forever. and that's how you do it. easy. ♪ ♪ >> john: welcome back to "viewpoint." it's time now for the thing of the day. tonight's thing is the delayed equality of the day.
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the pentagon will be extending benefits for same sex partners of service members. however they have to be careful not toughie late the defense of marriage act which for bids the federal government of recognizing any. this is a step in the right direction. thank you, secretary. net at a. boy scouts, your move. the catholic church was rocked today when pope benedict xvi announced that he would be abdicating the papacy at the end of the month. it's incredibly uncommon but not unpressprecedented having last occurred nearly 600 years ago
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when pope greerry xii stepped down in 1415. a making his announcement at the vatican this morning to a small gathering of cardinals the 85-year-old pope benedict cited his age and health as his main reason. after having repeatedly saying quote, after having repeatedly examined my conscience before god, i have come to the certainty that my strengths due to an advanced age are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the petrine ministry ministry. here is sister campbell, returning guest of the show. good evening sister glad to have you. >> i'm delighted john. >> john: there were speculations that he would resign if i was up able to perform his duties. but when you saw him go out there as his health got worse and never letting up, was it a
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complete surprise that the he abdicated this way? >> it's a surprise to me. when pope john pal pope john paul iiwas was ailing they said it was possible for a pope to resign, but i didn't expect it. i think the timing was a surprise if nothing else. >> john: indeed, we heard of his schedule of travel and meetings has not been altered and it has caught even his closest associates by surprise. he referred to the sexual scandals as fifth in the church and that's that's a filth that cost the church. do you think that has anything to do with his resigning? >> that is possible. the number of children and families that have been devastated by it is horrific. we can't really put a price tag
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on that. i think maybe that weighed on the pope to some extent. the fact that atoning for that sin has been something that the church has not effectively done, the leadership has not effectively done, and we need to do more. >> john: to say nothing of the amount of lay people and catholic who is were driven away from the church in disgust of how it was handled all those years. >> absolutely. the fact that it was hidden, and that perpetrators were just moved around has horrified many of us. but the fact is faith is deeper than those horrible events. i think that piece is the piece that needs to be lifted up. >> cenk: it was less than eight years but there are good and bad aspects of the body's policies. i would like to first talk about some of the good he did. he was great on climate change, agreement on poverty consistently on the war in iraq. he's the most famous living
5:25 pm
person to be opposed to the war in iraq. what are some of the aspects of his time as pope. >> well, his fabulous letters to ought of the catholic world. he said you cannot have charity until you have justice and called on all catholics and especially in the first world to promote economic justice not just charity. and in our nation that's a mention that really needs to be heard. >> john: yes in 2010 in one week the pope came out and said that it was okay for prostitutes to use condemn condoms to prevent the spread of aides. you can imagine how the sex he talked got the headlines but to give poor members healthcare was ignored by western media. >> that is true. that shows that we're more interested in the glitzy glamour
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or what is seen as glamour in the media. but i think that the fact about healthcare being a right for all is a key piece of justice that he speaks about. >> john: however, of course, we know very well that pope benedict also continued the vatican discrimination of gay christians female priests how difficult was it for you--how difficult was it to with stand a reprimand in some of the best work that our nuns have done? >> it was very painful to be told that because we work for those on the economic margin, that's exactly what our mission is that we were seen as suspect. but the thing john, from my perspective as a person of faith, the holy spirit is alive and well. that reprimand exploded our mission into the media allowed
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people to know about our work in a whole new way. what i say is the holy spirit is quite alive and well and making mischief even in the midst of painful rebukes and things i certainly would never support. the fact is that something good is coming from it. >> john: shucks, sister, now i have to change the pope for coming down on the nuns. >> i know. >> john: are we looking possibly at a younger pope or a pope from africa or latin america? >> i think that's quite a good chance that that would happen. but i know they say whoever goes into the conclave who goes in as pope comes out as a cardinal. i would not like to promote anybody who i think would be a good candidate because i want to make sure that the good candidates have a good chance. >> john: sister simone campbell. always a pleasure to have you on the show. come back again. >> thank you john. >> john: the family of joe paterno released their own
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investigation of the jerry sandusky scandal: what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone's ready with the know how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ ♪
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>> john: so this weekend david gregory really grilled the number one republican in the house eric cantor much in the same way that you grill raw sushi. we want to bring you the dramatic highlights. since we can't bring you clips we bring you one minute of the "meet the press," and i'll be eric cantor and david gregory is frank. >> you came out in support of its substance. were you wrong when you voted against it. >> david people care will freedom and want growth without big government taxation, struggling, crushing debt, growth and. >> that didn't answer my question. i'm satisfied and i'll move on. you're threatening sequester on this president over the lack of a balanced budget. no g.o.p. president has balanced
5:32 pm
a budget since nixon. why so much resistence to obama. >> david david pro family, entitlement reform, spending waste, family values, liberty rashing healthcare,, and, um, pro growth. >> i, um, understand, but it seems like you're trying to rebrand the g.o.p. using buzzwords and not changing your actual message. >> david as i said time and time again, economic freedom hard working moms, waste, job creators grandma makes cookies cute little puppies call me maybe. >> well, i should take you to task for that, but i remember i'm david gregory. we'll leave it there. now can i give you a foot massage? >> as soon as you pick up my laundry. that's how canotr rolls.
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we'll be back after this.
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you. >> john: the resignation raised all kinds of chatter online. johnny argent tweeted that he noticed his blessings have been kind of laying there lately. no oomph as they say back in germany. meanwhile angela rynan durrell was more concerned about the future, asking how does the pope abdicate? is there a former ceremony? does he toss the papal tiara into the crowd and do a more dive? no angela, the pope is too old for a more dive. instead he just goes out to the
5:37 pm
balcony and says, multum te audire. da donativo ad servis tuis. meaning you've been a great audience. tip your wait staff. if you have a comment for the show, tweet us at "viewpoint" ctv or john fugelsang or use #viewpoint. lastthe paterno family has released their own report. this report looks to ex-an exonerate joe paterno. ununpoll jetcally titled "the rush to injustice regarding joe paterno." the report clearly states its purpose on page one. writing, and i quote. the freeh report is deeply
5:38 pm
flawed and incomplete. and it's statements specifically as to joe paterno are unfounded and unfair. in short mr. freeh unilaterally anointed himself the judge jury and executioner. let's bring in dave zirin sports editor for the nation and host of edge of sports radio whose new book "game over: how politics has turned the sports world upside down" on its book shelves. >> dick thornberg, who is a paterno friend said, guess what, joe paterno is innocent. joe paterno is not only innocent, but he is the person who acted the most above reproach of anybody in this entire ordeal. this isn't just a whitewashing. this is taking the memory of joe paterno and dunking it's head in and lifting it up and saying
5:39 pm
see, no sin here. my favorite part, and i did try to wade through this, they did go after the idea that joe paterno knew what was going on in terms of the investigation into jerry sandusky. the premise is joe didn't know nothing. joe didn't know a thing. they said that louis freeh jumped to conclusions that in e-mails that referred to coach coach wants to know what is going on. coach wants an update on sandusky and, and louis freeh jumped to the fact that coach was, in fact, joe paterno. what other coach could it have been? craig t. neilsen coach from "cheers"? field hockey coach on campus? what other coach could this be. this is an effort by the paterno family to shore up its base in pennsylvania. and it's early returns are quite good.
5:40 pm
espn did a 50-state poll about do you believe the paterno report and 49 out of 50 states said it was hogwash. the one state that loved it, pennsylvania. >> john: what do you mean shoring up their base? it seems like this is either about being able to tell the grandkids there is a report that exonerates grandpa or they plan on having their own lawsuit against penn state or the ncaa. >> there you get to shoring up the base and the issue ever jury pools because they're going to sue penn state and the ncaa. and these trials will take place in the state of pennsylvania. they want to be able to go to that courtroom and say, you know, what the freeh report is not the end all be all. we have our own competing report. it's like the climate deniers and things of that nature when you have this mountain of evidence that says there is global warming but i have this thing that i just printed out
5:41 pm
from glenn beck's website and elisabeth hasselbeck just e-mailed this to me and said there is no such thing as global warming, who are you going to believe? >> john: i want to move on, but the term of the deal closes itself when he says, i wish i had done more. we have a former u.s. attorney general involved here. are sports and politics mixing more than it used to, or are the american people talking about it more. >> there has been a profound shift since 2008, and there is a whole chapter about penn state in the book. three huge events since 2008 that have totally taken sports and politics and turned them on their head, made the sports page really an irrelevant space to even talk about sports. the first is the economic crisis in 2008 and the way it's triggered four different lockouts in sports in the last year, and the way we talk about
5:42 pm
labor issues and unions in sports as much as we talk about who is winning and who is losing. i'm not saying that lebron james is going to be on the streets with a sign that says "will dunk for food." but this idea of corporate welfare, money and staid stadiums has been a discussion. >> john: and it made them care about unions for the very first time. >> for the very first time, and then they forgot. there are other issues as well. this is a movement that you saw during super bowl week, lgbt fighting for space and access in sports has been something to turn sports on its head. for many decades in this country, sports is this place where masculinity is constructed, and teddy roosevelt called everybody who didn't play
5:43 pm
football sissies. this is a way in which manhood has been defined in the united states. when you have more athletes like the player from the baltimore ravens speaking out on the lgbt rights is challenging people's perceptions of what it means to be a man playing sports. that gets to the third thing that i think has changed sports and politics dramatically. you and i both know the most popular sport in this country is football. the prevalence and knowledge about the price that these players pay when they're on that field, the concussion issue is another thing that has turned sports far away from being the fun and games that we always wanted it to be. earl warren said famously i read the sports page first before the front page because i want to be confronted with our victories before the defeats of our people. that doesn't exist any more. that's no longer part of the equation of what it means when you pick up a newspapers or in the case of the 21st century not
5:44 pm
pick up the newspapers but go online. >> john: you're one of the most pioneering journalists right now. and teddy roosevelt never played sports until he was a grown up. >> that's true. that truth makes me so mad at that guy. how many kids got kid with towels in locker rooms because of teddy roosevelt. >> john: thank you so much for coming on the show again. >> thanks, john. >> john: it's lindsey graham's world. we all just live in it. my panel talks about that coming up next.
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>> john: so why is senator lindsey graham such a big part of my life? this guy is on my tv every sunday, including this weekend when the south carolina republican and tennessee williams protagonist told "face of a nation" he has questions about the attack on our embassy embassy in bengahzi. and he doesn't get answers he may hold up the confirmation of john brennan as head of the
5:48 pm
c.i.a. and chuck hagel as secretary of defense how does graham justify all that? this week's republican exercise on false equivalence. >> i'm going to ask my colleagues just like they did with john bolton joe biden said no confirmation without information. no confirmation back in information. >> john: that's right. back in 2005 then-senator joe biden tried to hold up john bolton's nomination to get information related to john bolton. graham is holding up hagel and brennan to asking is neither hagel nor brennan did. here to help sort this out is tonight's panel. eric boehlert senior fellow with media matters for america. and l. joy williams morning host for "this week in blackness." and dean obeidallah politico median and creator of the dean's
5:49 pm i'm thrilled that you're here to join me. eric why is lindsey graham doing all this? is he just auditioning to a party to a base that di pieces him? >> it's clear that it's some sort of audition. he's doing it because he doesn't want to be primaried in south carolina republican. you know, it's not just graham. susan rice. there were senators who said the same thing. we're going to hold up any nomination for anything because we don't like susan rice. all of this is unprecedented. it's unprecedented obstructionism. and i think they get a pass from the press. if you read the reports today this is what graham is going to do this is the filibuster that they might do and then there is one sentence, oh, this has never been done in the history of the united states. >> john: they've done it before to this president. why are john mccain and sendly graham are so you ubiquitous?
5:50 pm
>> they want to block everything. what they're doing now is the equivalent of being on the schoolyard playing ball and they say we're not playing until billy gives me some of his ice cream. >> john: it's the screw you guys i'm going home. why are the sunday talk shows so awful? >> that's a great question. because they want access. they want the big names. it's all about ratings. let's be honest. that's what it's about. >> cenk: but does john mccain own a jet pac that he goes to these things every weekend. >> john mccain has nothing to do. >> john: he has 19 houses, he has plenty to do. >> john mccain? >> john: yes. >> i prefer lindsey graham and his preference for lebanese men.
5:51 pm
>> john: karl rove mike huck which called his new group repulsive. michelle malkin said rove is doubling down on stupid. that's in defense of the tea party, and donald trump called rove a total loser. if the enemy of my enemy is my friend what if the enemy of my enemy is karl rove? anyone? >> i'll just say this puts fox news in a really awkward position. the home of karl rove. they reuped his contract. he's sort of their in-house pundit guy and they essentially created the tea party in 2009. millions of dollars in free marketing, free branding. we'll put together these rallies. fox news is the tea party. now they're fighting each other. now there is this civil war and there are complaints on the right that karl rove is the face of fox and fox news is the home of the republican elite.
5:52 pm
they created this monster now they've got to battle it out. i don't think fox news does well with let's air our differences. fox news is designed to attack the democratic party. >> john: and this guy gets paid to watch fox news. he knows what he's talking about about. >> now we have bipartisanship with the tea party. we have a common enemy. i think that's about it. >> john: they managed to have a schism in the party and folks fox is concerned about ratings. if they lose elections what is that going to do for the numbers? >> i'll be honest. nothing is worse than white on white fighting. it breaks my heart to see old whites fighting because they're usually attacking women gays, but now they're fighting each other. it's a sad day. i agree with trump, rove is the biggest loser, and he may be the actual schism. look at the state of the union. you're going to have ran rand paul.
5:53 pm
>> john: and in fairness karl rove said today that mitt romney is a lock to win next time. >> what i'm looking forward to in the republican party are additional leaders rising up from that party and taking control. there is a large portion across the country who doesn't brief in the extreme kookism and we want to lead our party based upon our values and not opposing and banning everything. >> john: can marco rubio who ascended to his heights because of the tea party be the guy? >> he'll try. he's giving the response. he's a glowing cover story on "time" magazine, the republican savior and things like that. he has been the most successful in terms of the flip flopping and not getting beaten up for it from conservatives. the new face on immigration and things like that. we'll see. he may be the one to try to pull it off. >> and they're desperate.
5:54 pm
principles are giving way to ambition in the republican party. they need the latino vote. the principle stand no longer. it's about winning. >> i'm not sure how the tea party is going to fare on the immigration debate. >> john: evolving on immigration sounds easier than pandering to the voting bloc. you can't win the white house without the latino vote, and mitt romney was the gringo star. stay we me after the break we'll measure the scope of the pope after the break.
5:55 pm
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>> john: welcome back. quick question for the panel. how do you think pope benedict will be remembered. >> it's hard to make history. it's hard to do something that no one has done in 600 years. i honestly think he'll be the way he'll be remembered. >> he'll steal the crown from palin.
5:58 pm
>> the pope to quit and to use twitter. >> john: i followed him on twitter even though i had to unfollow him in other parts of my life, dean? >> great dresser not a fan of muslims and quitter. >> john: he tried to make it up. >> he did try. >> john: he insulted the world's muslims and then tried to say he was sorry about it. that brings me to the f-bomb. pope benedict has announced he'seded abdicating. he's not the first to give up, a pope did it in the 1400s. the last voluntary resignation was in 1424 when the pope was only 40. the pope was a polarizing figure in a long line of polarizing figures.
5:59 pm
he inflamed millions as own a homophobe wearing red slippers can. as the archbishop, benedict then joseph ratzenberger assigned a known child abuser where went on to abuse. throughout his tenure, an offender is protected. cops weren't called. that's been documented on this show. even worse pope benedict tried to scapegoat gay priests for the scandal despite the fact that most offenders identified themselves as heterosexuals. when it came to p.r. it meant protect rapists. and instead of calling child abuse a tragic mistake, but


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